Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

Monday, August 17, 2009

A lot to share

A lot of things happened..

1) I be chosen for the proby

Oh God~
I realy be chosen.
I don't know how to describe my expression
Can I realy be?
Esther said the brefingwill be held on tomorrow
And asked Teng Teng and I to resign
Once more~
From today onwards,
I am not a monitor anymore..
And I should discipline myself as clearly be informed that I will be a prefect..

Realy cannot imagine right?
Chang Sin will be prefect??
Hah! Is that a joke?
But anyway I can prove to you all that I can be!

And the most weird thing is..
Only four of us be chosen for form threes..
I have no idea~

2) Thank you..Pn Sevarnes..Love you!!Muackzz

Teacher!! Thank you from my bottom of my heart!
I love you forever!!

Why?Why love her so much?
Ya!Today we got back our english exam paper.
And I got 39% for my paper two.
You Know what?
My english exam paper first time got so high marks
Oh my GOd!

My paper 1 : 28/40
My paper2 : 39/50
So overall I got.......??????(Try and count yourself)

Obviously you are not going to do such stupid counting
I understand you
I tell you right now
I got...........
Thats my total marks
And standard for an 'A'is 75%

So cool right?
Means consider I got B for my english
Fuyoh!!How can I accept this defeat huh?
Of course I must go and appeal for only 0.1 mark..
But teacher said: No!!

I almost cry out when I try and try to make it possible for me to get an'A'
I had beg her so long..
And even cried out with those stupid and idiot's words:

"Teacher!!!!My future is on your hand!!Can you please help a girl who already lost her confidence?Please don't ravage my future..!!You just only have to add one...Oh..No! suppose to be 0.1 mark ..you will brighter the girl's pride and even dignity..Please!!Please!!Please..I love you forever..teacher.!!!"

Stupid right?
As if begging like beggar for ony 0.1 mark..
But my words realy worked
And I got extra 0.9 marks which mean teacher added extra 'whole number'..1 mark to me
Yeah!!I jump like a mad girl after I knew that I got 'A' for my english paper!!
Actually she read again for my essays and she added 1 mark for my vocabulary..
Thank you very much...Teacher!!!Muackzzzz
I hug her and even want to kiss her but rejected from her..
So happy.....!!!!Thank you!!!My future will be brighter just because of your one mark!!

3) Sad and annoy

Well...Not finish my story yet..
Although two of the happy things came to me
Thashini, Amalina, and bla bla bla..forget..Sorry..hehe
In fact almost 10 of us got the marks.."74.44444"
But teacher only added to me..
And Thashini cried today..
I felt so sorry to them especially Thashini..
Its not my fault I knew
But I realy don't know how to comsole her after that

Teacher was not a unfair person I knew..
She din't add mark to her owing to her novel and essay sections were damn tough to give mark
At last..I got extra one mark..and she din't..
My heart was so ashamed..

4) The trouble of 'monitor' and'p.n.k'

Ling Shin..So sorry for the election
She cried today also..
So sorry..my dear friend..
I don't know you don't wanna be monitor
Never mind~I will select and let you all to vote again tomorrow
And of course with our belove Pn. Muhazida also..

Tivya..Hope you can be well
Eliana..You too!!

I already wrote down all of my words in my heart
Hopefully you all can understand!!

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