Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My tasks

Oh God~Realy going to die soon..
You know what my tasks were?
Shit! May I know why?
Why the school must set such childish things to do?
Why the school wanna to make all the probies malu?
Why Why Why?
I am wondering how far can I stand for it..
I am so fear to go school now.
I scared the seniors will talk bad about me.
I scared the seniors will bully me..
Oh God..Why am I so sensitive?
I was so down today just because of a small case..
I could not bear to listen people gossip behind me..
I felt very sad..
Why must do such crazy task?
Show you guys about my tasks..

Esther: Find out 20 barang rampasan to school. Let me check 1st.Then go 5Sc4 and tell the whole class when I'm there.
--This one okay la..i can do it..

Shangeeth: List down 10 reasons why you should be chosen as a prefect.
--This one okay also..

Siew huai: Show your talent to 5A3(make sure I'm there)(Laughter must fill the class)
--Hey..my dear..You thought I am a artist?Okay la..I will prove to you that i can..

Fiona: Give some entertainments to 5 Sc3 untill they laugh.(before the reading time)
--This one easy to me la..I will make them laugh untill their stomach pain!!Hiak hiak

Chan pei Ling: Cheer about 5 sc4 at the quadrangle in the morning
--Oh..This is my weakness..But I already created the cheer..

Science 4 rock they dominate
5 Sc 4 is the best
They shine among the rest
So go SC 4 go!
Hiak hiak~~I asked for dilla's help..
Thanks Adilla..
Love you..muackzz

WeiJean: Give a 2 minutes speech about"Laughter being the best medicine"through the PA system in the morning!
--Oh..Jean Jean~~You damage my image..Can I solve this task?I think I couldn't. but i try la..

Ben Li: Do a speech in 3A
But okay to me also..As long as not doing any stupid thing infront of the public.

Keishela Menon: Cheer 2 Pring house songs at the quadrangle.
--Erm..This prefect may has something wrong with her..She too semangat on her house..I am not a pringnians..Yet I need to cheer for them,,Sweat~~~Somemore at the quadrangle and everybody will be looking..SHit la!

Flora Low: Tell 4 Sc 3 why you're proud to be a st.marian
--Hehe,,I had done this..Yuhoo!!

Eu Jun Yin: Tell jokes till at least half of 4 sc 1 laugh.
--Wahseh!!This is also easy to me..Skip!

Jasmine Chuah: Make 4Sc1 keep quiet for 5 minutes.
--Oh..This is imposibble..this class is the noisiest among the form4.God!Save me.. !!

Saraswathi: Talk good things about 4 sc 3 by PA system tomorrow for 3 minutes.
--Another PA system..Why?don't so perasan la you!

Kairvenee: Tell ten good things about 3A using the PA system.
--SEE!!One more..Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shangita: Cheer playne house any song during recess time(stand on the banch)
--This I done..Yeah!Skip

Jean Yeng: Take 5 teacher's bag and get their signature in the morning

Ya...Thats all for today..
I must do my homework now..
God bless me ya..

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