Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Now only I realize that being a prefect..is damn tired~~~~~
OMG!! I need oxygen..
I don't want the carbon dioxide anymore!!

Can I escape this period for wearing the stupid mask?
I don't want to wear!! No oxygen!!
Please don't force me..
And to all the teachers,
Please don't compel me..

Today tired..
proby's life..
nOt that easy..
And the dance..
realy stupid...
i have to dance once I see the prefects..

"I can almost make it..
The aim I'm heading
You're the one that teach and guide me
To face the real world

Every step i'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lots with no directions
My faith is shaking
But I
I gotta rejoice
Cause you're always here to lead

Hey prefect, dear prefect
I'm here to learn from you
I'll respect
The gueideline that you've set to me
You are a role moder
That I will look up to
Prefects are the best among all."

This is the song..
we have to sing to them with some movements.
And tired..
Because..we have to sing this after that..
"meow (*3)
Prefects are the best among all

We will not stop untill they ask to..
So it was my first day training by this orientation week..
I cannot give up easily
Because the given tasks were tough..
I wanna to fulfill it..ya I can..

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